Meeting Bullets:
  The meeting convened at 7:00 pm.  The Secretary and Treasurer presented their reports.
  President Thomas reported on the status of the new ARDEN nodes being installed on the new 9-1-1 tower.
  Ray Sturch gave a detailed presentation on the Simulated Emergency Test.  Twenty Five hams passed over 160 messages.  Ray said the ARRL report will be submitted in December and will rival one of our highest scores ever.  He personally thanked all who participated.
  Emery presented a proposal to register a new Internet domain name and purchase web hosting in lieu of the donated basic hosting CenturyLink graciously provided for many years.  A motion was made and passed.  This will cost the club $24.50 for the first year and about $42.00/yr thereafter.
  Joe Mcintosh presented plans for Saturday's ARRL Field Day.  See the home page for the flyer and map.

Other News:        
     VE coordinator Rich Lee reported one upgrade from Tech. to General Class exam was taken and passed at the May session.

 We had a very well attended June meeting with the main emphasis being Field Day.  We should thank Joe Mcintosh for his efforts to coordinate it all.

      I also think we should be proud of the Simulated Emergency Test results.  As amateur radio operators in this coastal county that is one of our most important functions.

      Finally I would like to thank the club for purchasing the new web hosting.  With the club's growth and new call sign it was a logical time to make the changes.  I have placed a redirection notice on the home page of our old site and will leave it there for a while to allow users time to update their links.

See you all next month.


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