September - 2022

Meeting Bullets:
  Joel Emmett, substituting for President Joe McIntosh, called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM and noted the previous meeting minutes were posted on the website.
  Treasurer Tom Wallace presented the Treasurer's report.
  Joel mentioned the soon to be formed nominating committee and asked all interested in running for office to contact them early.
  Ron Thomas and others reported that the EOC has authorized some antenna work with repairs to the HF antenna among other things.  A motion was passed allowing the expenditure of over $250.00 but not to exceed $500.00 for hardware involved in this work.
  Tom Wallace reported that a used UHF repeater was donated to the club by the EOC.  An assessment and discussion of how this equipment can be used will be done.
  Joel noted that former club Secretary Joe Pillitary was in Birmingham undergoing cancer treatments.  A prayer and get well wishes are in order for Joe.
  Joel, Ron, and Ken gave a recap of their efforts in the Alabama QSO Party from Escambia County.  Apparently they had a blast and set a new record under the club callsign!
  The remainder of the meeting was a presentation on WINLINK by John Acton.

Other News:
VE coordinator Joel Emmett reported that the September 3rd exam session produced 2 Extras, 2 Generals and 4 Techs from 9 total candidates.  Joel also noted that there will be an extra exam session this year on October 1st as well as some changes to make the testing more efficient.  For more information on the VE testing or to contact Joel, see the home page.

We had a standing room only late summer meeting with 40+ in attendance.  The anecdotes, reports, and statistics on the QSO party and Field Day results are something that needs to be experienced at a live meeting as there is no way I can reproduce it all here.  That goes double for the fine presentations we have had of late.  The good news is that we are gaining members and producing great attendance numbers each month!

Joel asked me to post some information on the new CORES system from the FCC and recommended that all members update their status on the FCC system before a license renewal or update comes along.  It is better to be prepared than be in a zero hour panic trying to navigate the new system.   I will post a link below.  As always I encourage all to attend the meeting next month and participate.  I will see you there.

ARRL Page with information, instructions, and links about the FCC CORES system.

Please note:
The club's policy is to publish the last meeting minutes on the website well in advance of the next meeting.  This saves time at the meetings and gives members a chance to analyze and discuss any items at the meeting.  The minutes also include more details on club business than is possible in the Kerchunker.  Please go to the Meetings Page to view current and past meeting minutes.


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