July - 2021

Meeting Bullets:
  The meeting convened at 6:40 pm.  Treasurer Rich Lee presented his report.
  Rich Lee also mentioned the MS Bike Ride is back on for 2021.  Email Rich for more information and to sign up.
  Joel Emmett reported on the Field Day effort of six individuals with an optimistic prediction of around 9000 points for our club.
  Betty Ward informed the group of the upcoming Pace, FL Flea market on Saturday 8:00AM - 7/17/21 on Hwy 90 in Pace near Lowes.
  Betty also mentioned the passing of longtime club member and past President Brian Trivett - G0TTQ (SK)
  President Jere Couch informed the membership that he and his wife would be relocating soon and may not be available for future meetings.  The club VP and officers will handle his duties for the remainder of the year.
  A silent auction was conducted for donated and surplus club equipment.  What didn't sell will be sold at the Huntsville Hamfest.

Other News:        
     Joel Emmett reported that the BCARC VEC team gave 2 General and 4 technician exams with 100% pass rate.  Joel thanked all the VECs that participated in the exams and says that 5 of the 6 available slots are claimed for the next test session.  It was also noted that the Saturday morning informal breakfast group in Fairhope has moved to the Cafe 98 Restaurant and meets around 7:30.  I have updated the Meetings Page to reflect the new Saturday morning informal groups complete with maps. Enjoy!

 We had a standing room only crowd at the meeting with around 40 folks in our socially distanced meeting room!  I am glad to see the membership coming back together and also all the new faces of which there were several this month.  Don't depend on my spotty reporting for club news and events,  come join us next month!!!

Please note:
The club's policy is to publish the last meeting minutes on the website well in advance of the next meeting.  This saves time at the meetings and gives members a chance to analyze and discuss any items at the meeting.  The minutes also include more details on club business than is possible in the Kerchunker.  Please go to the Meetings Page to view current and past meeting minutes.

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