October - 2021

Meeting Bullets:
  The meeting convened at 6:40 pm.  Treasurer Rich Lee presented his report.
  The nominating committee submitted the nominees for 2022 officers.  They are:
    President - Joe McIntosh
    Vice President -  Ron Thomas
    Secretary - Christine Ryan
    Treasurer - Tom Wallace
    Director -  Ken Bell
    Director - Bruce Raymond
    Director - Emery Wooten
  Ron Thomas moved that we donate $200.00 to the Daphne Library in appreciation for using their facilities for TERD and Testing.  The motion carried.
  Joe McIntosh discussed options for the December Christmas Party.  He will investigate possibilities and report at the November meeting.
  In new business it was noted that a substitute Monday net control operator is needed.  Contact Joe McIntosh if you can help out.
  Joel Emmett did a presentation on the Alabama QSO party effort.  It was great and Joel provided a pdf file for the website.  View it by clicking here.  (The photos are worth the download.)

Other News:        
     Joel Emmett reported that the BCARC VEC team produced 2 new Technicians, 2 upgrades to General, and 1 upgrade to Extra out of 5 applicants.  Joel thanked the VE team and noted that some applicants traveled significant distances to take the exams.  It seems many clubs have not resumed testing in the wake of Covid.  It is good to see BCARC filling a need in the ham community!

 We had 24 folks in attendance this month which is good considering the Covid-19 pandemic is just starting to wind down in Alabama.  I actually won the door prize which was a very nice computer sound card!  There were also boxes of mighty fine junk free for the taking at the end of this meeting and all good hams need more stuff!  I had an old guy who worked for us at the machine shop that would take things like that, put them on the shelves and hang 'em on the wall.  He would say "Once in seven years you will need this."  He was often right!  Don't depend on my nostalgic reporting for club news and events, come join us next month!  There might be more free stuff like RF grease.  On a more serious note IT IS ELECTION TIME.  We need good attendance for voting.

Please note:
The club's policy is to publish the last meeting minutes on the website well in advance of the next meeting.  This saves time at the meetings and gives members a chance to analyze and discuss any items at the meeting.  The minutes also include more details on club business than is possible in the Kerchunker.  Please go to the Meetings Page to view current and past meeting minutes.

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